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Cash Prize, Inktip Listing Packages


Call for Entries is OPEN:

Or Enter through or partner platforms:



"Short-form films can be great calling cards.  They help writers and directors flesh out their unique voices without great expense of time or money.  They allow artists to venture out of their comfort zone, show off their wares, and speak to the world without first having to obtain studio or distributor permission...."

  • $500 Cash Prize for the Overal Winner


  • InkTip Listing Packages for all Winners


  • Jungle Software packages for all Winners


  • Filmmatic Sundance Networking Event invites for all Finalists and Winners


  • Press and Exposure on behlaf of each season's Finalists and Winners.

InkTip Packages

Cash Prize

Jungle Software

Our 10  Categorical Winners shall all receive screenplay listing packages from our good friends at InkTip.  ($60 Value)


InkTip has a network of 4000+ Industry Professionals.  300+ films have been made from scripts/writers found through InkTip, and each year, an average of 28 movies go into production from writers found through InkTip.


All Categorical Winners will receive a 12 month  VideoBlocks membership.


Enjoy unlimited downloads from 115,000 studio quality HD videos, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds, and more!

All Categorical Winners will receive Jungle Software Koala Call Sheet software packages.  Th  Overall Winner will also receive Jungle Software's Chimpanzee scheduling add budgeting software.

The Overall Winner will recieve $500.00 cash.  


Buy new film equipment, attend writer's seminar, or purchase a plane ticket to Sundance 2020 (to attend our annual networking  event)!

Luarels will be awarded to:


A successful short film can be the gateway to a prominent filmmaking career.  


The Filmmatic Short Film Awards were created to locate and expose up-and-coming directors and producers, as well as to empower and educate passionate and talented filmmakers still waiting for their invitation into the mainstream industry...


Coverage Co.-92

Competition is open to Short Film Screenplays of all Genres


Earlybird Deadline - March 20, 2019

Regular Deadline - April 20, 2019

Late Deadline - May 20, 2019

Extended Deadline - June 20, 2019

Results Post by August 10, 2019

Copyright 2017


Press + Exposure



We're excited to promote our Finllists and Winners!


Press and Exposure includes a published article on featuring our Finalists and Winners. and press releases to industry outlets, prominent studios, managers, agents, and our list of 24,000 industry professionals


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