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Season 1 Finalists and Winners


Congrats to all of our Categorical Winners and Finalists!



A Special Congratulation to our OVERALL WINNER:     "FOUND" by Sean Fahey!





Stick Around  -  Kaisei Forman                 ( Categorical Winner)

Return Flight  -  Marisa Tontaveetong  

Shmevolution   -  Nolan Downs      

Substratae  -  Margie Kelk    

Heavenkid  -  “Heaven Kid”      

Agrinoui  -  Alexis Chaviaras    

Another Day in Paradise  -  Peter Mueller    

Finding a Way  -  James Grande

Suitable  -  Steven Granger

Rounding 3rd  -  Kenny Schmidt





Waterboy  -  Jeff Hadick                            (Categorical Winner)

Business Unusual  -  Mark Rabinowitz  

Illegal Aliens  - Justin + Kristin Schaack

Bride of Frankie  -  Devi Snively    

Bullfrog Bullfrog  -  Robby Descant  

**it Happens -  Jesse Acosta  

The Pooka  -  Luke Boyce          

Spaceman  -  Christopher Oliva

BroJob  -  Ray Chao  

Dear George  -  Emily Skyle





Down to Earth  -  Josh Tickell    

Tyler Tabor - A Life Lost  -  Cheryl Hiltzik  

Raymond  -  David Stephenson    

Nils Otte  -  Skywriters  

An Unspoken Partnerhsip  -  Sue Keeton    

The Road to Nickelsville  -  Derek McNeill      (Categorical Winner)

The 39th  -  Laura Wilson Fallsgraff      

Perpetual Twilight  -  Anders Gustafson    

Across the Line  -  Scott Grindle

Bumper Crops  -  Heather Brett





Myles  -  Kevin Brooks  

Cream  -  Palesa Lebona   l

This Modern Man Is Beat - David Schroeder  

Delicate Things  -  Shauna Shivers

Early Departure  -  Mason W. Dixon  

Fever  -  Celine Held  

Two Bellmen Two  -  Marc Rabinowitz          (Categorical Winner)

Marauder  -  Brendon Rathbone

Anna  -  J.J. Schindler  





Play Rewind Play - Stephanie Clattenburg  

Population Zero  -  Brad Stewart    

Existential  -  Sagar Brahmbhatt    

We Are All Made of Stars  -  Eric jones

Solace is  -  Yelena Laningham      

Double-Blind No.1  -  Zenon Kohler                (Categorical Winner)

We R the World/Mold  -  Dawn George

Might  -  Emil Sallinen  

Laika Stardust  -  Stefano Chiavarini      

Yo Soy Pedro  -  Inconstant Jordan  





Arlington  -  James Anderson                     (Categorical Winner)

Ballet Art  -  Anna Bruno    

Start at the Finish  -  Cam Smithe

Cool Running  -  S.J.  Hammaker

North by Northwest  -  Jane Schmidt

Bridges to Cross  -  Stephen Taylor

Scared Silly  -  Candice Nardini

Take the World  -  Jimmy Sandoval

Turn it Up Now  -  Tiki Washington

Rivals  -  Chris Welsh





Room 205  -  Zac Chia    

Blondie  -  Rodrigo Gasparini  & Dante Vescio  

The Good, the Bad & The Deadly  -  Zack Byer  

Banjo Man 2:  Retuned  -  Troy Lucia      

Unrest  -  Shannon R. Giedieviells  

Burned  -  Jaime Valdueza                                   (Categorical Winner)

Death by Murdrerphone  -  Avery Jung  

Offspring  -  Manuel Cacho-Sousa  

Mirror  -  Sara Eustaquio  

Vexed  -  Marc Cartwright  



TV Pilot


Hooked  -  Luca Vecchi                                         (Categorical Winner)

Shoot Me Nicely  -  Elias Plagianos    

The Rose Order  -  Tami Lee  

Treading Yesterday  -  Kai Morgan  

Upstairs  -  Joseph Spadaro  

Gen Why  -  Kelley Lord  

Under the Stairs  -  Samuel Smith

Crushed  -  Tracy Lennon

Going for Broke  -  John and Ken Richards

Nothing To See Here  -  Ben Jorgensen



Webseries - Comedy


Gen Why  -  Kelley Lord                                 (Categorical Winner)

All About The Britos  -  Paulo Leierer  

Audreality  -  Audrey Rose Goldfarb      

Now and Later  -  Stanley Kent

Laborious  -  Gerrard Breck

People Person  -  Julie Sands

In the Valley  -  Max Feinberg

Street Team  -  Craig Washington

Pride and Glory  -  Sandra Lange

Up To Date  -  John Latteri



Webseries - Drama


Plight:  A Comic Book Rock Opera  -  

Hollywood  -  Clementine Clarke    

Found  -  Sean Fahey                                      (Categorical + OVERALL Winner)

Thurston  -  Paul Awad        

Take Back the Night  -  Craig Cushman

Rental Cars  -  Pam Stephens

Downward Trends  -  Yumi Crandle

Flight Tower  -  Ned J. Forsythe

Lost Route 66  -  Michael Flemming

Block Patrol  -  Trent Kennedy