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Season 2 Finalists and Winners


Congrats once again to all of our Finalists and Winners!


*A Special Congratulation to our OVERALL WINNER:     "HELL & HIGH WATER" by Mike Cook!



Thanks again to our amazing Seaon 2 sponsors:    SHORTS.TV, JUNGLE SOFTWARE, and VIDEOBLOCKS!







French Toast - Peter Kaufman

dystopia - bellopropello

Sing Along - T. Bingham

The Way To Town - Kennedy Singh

Color Coded - Steven Kind  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Rabbit and Hound - Gene J. Roberts

Big Time - Gregory Ryan

Rainbow Village - Connor Samuelson

Lightening in a Bottle - Scott Hinde

Traffic Jam - Britney Cooper





Scattered - Ellie Harvie  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Special Lunch - Aurorae Khoo

Trip Wire - Steph Booker

Kid Comedy - Sean G. Delaney

Talent Search Season 5 - Michael French

Take Two - Caryn Ash

Glamping - Gene P. Walker

Fashion Forward - Didi Schmidt

Do It Now - Emily Boyce

Calling Center - Luke Keeton





Wetlands - Cindy Jacobs

The Mother Road - Nolan Kinney

Bumper Crop -  Danny Mueller

Heaven on Earth - David Foster

Crafted - Benjamin Downs

The Man Behind the Man - Alexis Rabinowitz

The Best Defense - Sydney Keys  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

River Rats - Ken Lovick

Teachable Moments - Christy Lamp

Garbage on the High Sea - Sean F. Kavanagh





Happy Snow Day - Kevin Cooper

The Red Rose - Julian Biba

Saving Santa - Keith O’Grady

Shadows - Mitch Levine  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Miss Me Tomorrow - Cindy Wilson

Back Seat Driver - Kevin Grady

Over The Hump - Leonardo DuSable

In Confidence - Mitch Levine

Sneak Attack - George Krantz

Center Pieces - Harold K. Rudolph





Limelight - Stan Gladstone

One Door Opens - Kenny M. Granger

Trouble in Paradise - Lenny Schaack

Reverb - Sydney Chao

Forever Young - Timothy Cranston

Hell & High Water - Mike Cook***  (OVERALL WINNER)

Crazy Is - Jennifer Moretti

These are the Days - Jimmy Sandoval

Miles and Myles - Peter Dill

Long Walk Short Pier - Danny Nardini





Move to the Beat - Jorge Bruno

Tech Check - Madrid Z

Piece it Together - Joe Klinger

Enomotion - Clyde Walters

Re-Verb - Michael Haley

Cranberry - Lucy Wang

Bronx Cheer - Lou Belloumini

Windfall - Zed Washington

Tandem - Manuel Ortiz  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Baseline Waters - Hadley Knee





Unexpected Guest - Bradley Stryker

For Old Times Sake - Paul Hart Wilden

Blackout - Timothy Collins  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Bloodlines - Peter Rabinowitz

Pacemaker - Rich Schroeder

Calamity Wayne - Mason Feinartz

Off the Track - Kenny Strang

Made to Order - Jim Gutzler and Miles Bora

Pressure Cooker - Laura Kill

Perimeter Check - Will Mussleman





Billions:  Cut Above - Ralph Milstein

Interested Party - Steve Butler

Black Jack - Ned Howard

The Handy Man - Killian Carter

Westworld:  Chicken Coup - Petra Faro

For Worse -  Bret Cox  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Outpost Jupiter - Mitchell Thomas

Martin Bailey - Jim Gonzalez

French Seven - Murphy Reed

Shadow Ranger - Morgan Bell





Friend and Neighbor - Byron Perez

Mr. Fix It - Garrett Barnes

Leave it Alone - Harris Simmons

Pretty on the Inside - Alonzo Bell

School Daze - Candy Scott

Corner of 5th and Pain - Jamal T. Moore

Putting on the Ritz - Thomas Turner

Pratt Falls - Mike Green  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Left of Center - Hugh Wright

Boogers and Duct Tape - Wayne Patterson





Kisses of Death - Fran Torres

Mr. Wright - Mandy Cebulski

Track Records - Anderson Pugh  (CATEGORICAL WINNER)

Sick for More - Peter Adams

A Way About Her - John T. Allen

Austin Sunsets - Scott King

Bench Warmers - Kendall Young

Half Truths - Jerome Hill

Spilt Milk - Bridgette Calhoun

Crazy Dipped in Stupid - Wayne Kirk